Wednesday, 28 July 2010

tampak lebih ceria + kurang

Salaam Alaik

Hello~ I'm Lindsay Lohan..*taktaw la kenapa tapi sejak tengok ada satu show ni waktu exam dolu-dolu eveytime nak cakap hello mesti teringat phrase ni.pengaruh buruk isk..isk. tapi dia catchy* But then after the Hello.. I tend to slow down my voice or just say it on my mind the "I'm Lindsay Lohan" part because no one, I assume..will understand the joke.

penuh gigih mencari,baru jumpa part ni.lima saat la cepat.after this you can greet me with this Hello. pastu kita gelak sama-sama.=D

p/s: tamo balek hindia.tamo..tamo..tamo.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Sun tanning tomorrow.Hohoho

Salaam Alaik

While doing the dishes (eceh..eceh), a thought came into mind about Facebook. I love reading people updates and statuses. I rarely update my status lately because from my point of view, it seems that what you write more or less resembles you. I'd rather have people read my blog to know what I am thinking. Or so you think the kind of person I am. As everyone can see, minus those who still reject the idea of having Facebook, there are a few number of people in facebook from what I observed..

1. people who like to curse using the most extreme word you may find. or at least I found it to be extreme.*i budak baik hence the blogname.=D*and it's very long..very.
2. people who constantly update what they have been doing. It is like a similar concept to Twitter.
3. people who are endlessly adding people as friends or other people adding them. Whichever works.
4. people in love.
5. people who love to quote.
6. people who like to talk about current situation ie.religion, politics etc
7. facebook gamers
8.ohyeah almost forgot. THE korean fans.

There are lots but I am too lazy to list them all. I don't find these people irritating/annoying on daily basis but only once I think. During the korean madness, ( suju is realeasing a new album or single or something idk) there were nothing except korean fans updates. Laki ini hensem. Laki ini body lawa. Laki ini ada gigi cantik. I nak kahwin dengan laki ini etc etc. I know it's a small thing but seriously these people.. But I enjoy it pretty much reading all these everyday. I memang takde life. sob..sob.. maka jomlah belanja makan. U drive pelis.

Facebook is not merely a tool to entertain yourself somehow because I found a lot of everyday matters posted by my friends over the Facebook. I am too lazy to watch the TV for news. You can do lots with Facebook. You can preach, you can sell, you can buy, you can gossip, anything you name it. You can even make your own contest..

BUT I think I secretly judge everyone on the Facebook but of course, based on what will their statuses say and prolly a tiny bit from their profile pictures. heh. My daily muse is from here >

So people, think before you update  but it's OK if you are "the-hell-with-these people.-I'll-do-as-I-please!" kind of person. Do as you wish.

Good night.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Kena bangun pagi teman ibu pergi pasar tani. I anak mithali. Tenkiu.

Salaam Alaik

I want to write something really but somehow, I remembered something back in my mind and it stopped me immediately. It is just that the question that bugs me really is just that does my writing contribute something to the society? It is the thought that to contribute to society in words and in action even the slightest bit that kept me from writing. You know, since my writing is nothing but merely words on what I see, I feel, I heard, I read, etc. But my capability to contribute in words is lacking.You know, to construct sentences the proper way since mine, well mostly.. are cynical. I want to but it is hard. I think I have talked about this before. kot..


Meeting friends was AWESOME.

Highlight at the mo.Ayu lost the ticket to UKM. not entirely my fault. i think. AHAHAHA

I miss all of my friends somehow. Catching up is the best thing to do. Facebook and all is not the same as meeting face to face. but I do have problem in transportation since I cannot drive lah kan. Dan dan lah rasa menyesal tamo belajar bawa kereta dolu-dolu. Padan muka. But I have my saviours all right. Thanks Ibu Ayah.

Ain, you will be my saviour juga kan?will you? *mata kaca-kaca ni*

Thanks to Ayu, Zira, Leha, Ninot, Zai and Belle for the night. Thank you so much.

p/s: penatlah menggoda Ayah dan Ibu ke Singapore. Carik spot lain ke?

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Few days in Malaysia and my tummy is bloated oredi.

Salaam Alaik

I talked a lot. Sometimes excessively. Be it in writing or off writing. Sometimes, I felt that it is an annoying trait but sometimes I find it OK. but most of the times, it is a tad irritating. because I have a high pitched voice and when I am overly excited about something it will be a bit OTT (over the top). I don't like it when I am in the OTT mode because I will only realize it after quite a few moments. Then only I managed to tone down my voice. I realized my voice is irritating even to myself at times. honestly. haha

If I am to find a partner in life, he must be the one who can tolerate my quirks. Even to the smallest one and most importantly, will not find another. suddenly lah kan cakap pasal partner in life. This is all Daddy's fault. He was the one who brought up the subject when he was in my temporary room. My room is not yet ready.Tomorrowlah I will go and kemas-kemas.. Daddy, I have no thinking of getting married yet. Bringing up the subject pun I tak suka. Why? I dunno. Maybe because it reminds me that I am not going to be Mummy's and your little girl anymore and I hate the thought of it. and it reminds me too that I am not getting any younger. Blergh..siapa suka jadi lagi tua?

Dah. Jom pegi minum teh hijau!

Ada budak nangis kena cabut gigi. Tamacholah!!

p/s: ain nak buat entry prank-prank kononnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Malaysia wangi,bersih dan populasi orang kencing tepi jalan adalah sikit.

Salaam Alaik


Miahahah..It is awfully nice to be back home though the weather is really hot I must say. I am very lazy to go out and see the world for the first week I am in Malaysia. I mean, right now because it has been ages since having a pure satisfaction of sleeping in until 11am in the morning. Don't you shake your head as if you have not done this before. Heh. But as soon as I woke up, Mum will drag me along to have my breakfast/lunch but I went willingly of course.

Tomorrow I will be following Dad to work. We'll stop by Nugrahan first to settle few things. I malas taw nak ikut tapi nasib baik esok Ayah kerja separuh hari. Boleh ajak dia ronggeng ke? Hihihihihihi.

Ok all, toodles.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Selamat sampai ke penghujung... buat masa ni.

Salaam Alaik

Alhamdulillah.. Everything has now finished. FINALLY. Well, I do not know where to begin. Do not know how to summarize  my entire journey of completing my first final exam as a medical student in India either. Sure it is not easy. Exams are never made to be easy anyway but this a different kind of way for me to learn. Living in India is not an easy task either. Constant temptations of having cheap air flight tickets going back home came way too often tapi iman di hati masih kuat. Kih kih kih. Even going back twice a year pun dah kena sindir-sindir. Not like my sisters who need to put up a year long rindu then coming back home cuti macam lama gila, tiga bulan compared to mine sebulan je. but still, Alhamdulillah. adaaaa juga cuti.

It is so exciting to think about going home. Not like I already had a plan on what to do soon I arrived there but just the thought of being home, being close to your loved ones is more than enough already. As soon as my house mates went back, I was being alone and being struck by homesickness. Twas sad I tell you and I can't even concentrate on what I was reading. Missing home, thinking of hugging your parents and siblings tightly,you know the usual. I really am missing them now. Six months are my limit of having enough Indian-ness around. Six months and not more. Loathing everything around you is not healthy.

Thanks to those who really concern of me staying alone. I never told Mum I was alone. Haha. I just do not you want to be scared, Mummy. or worrying over things that should not have been worried. I never told anyone back home I was staying alone. I guess I do not want them to fuss over me either. It's OK. I have friends here. I can take care of myself. I have proper trainings before.. of staying alone. Hahaha.

Monday sounds so nice right now. Anyone named Monday must be pretty.Ok I am crapping. What the heck, I am happy anyway. Teeheehee.

Close your book and dream pretty things. =)