Thursday, 8 July 2010

Malaysia wangi,bersih dan populasi orang kencing tepi jalan adalah sikit.

Salaam Alaik


Miahahah..It is awfully nice to be back home though the weather is really hot I must say. I am very lazy to go out and see the world for the first week I am in Malaysia. I mean, right now because it has been ages since having a pure satisfaction of sleeping in until 11am in the morning. Don't you shake your head as if you have not done this before. Heh. But as soon as I woke up, Mum will drag me along to have my breakfast/lunch but I went willingly of course.

Tomorrow I will be following Dad to work. We'll stop by Nugrahan first to settle few things. I malas taw nak ikut tapi nasib baik esok Ayah kerja separuh hari. Boleh ajak dia ronggeng ke? Hihihihihihi.

Ok all, toodles.