Sunday, 4 July 2010

Selamat sampai ke penghujung... buat masa ni.

Salaam Alaik

Alhamdulillah.. Everything has now finished. FINALLY. Well, I do not know where to begin. Do not know how to summarize  my entire journey of completing my first final exam as a medical student in India either. Sure it is not easy. Exams are never made to be easy anyway but this a different kind of way for me to learn. Living in India is not an easy task either. Constant temptations of having cheap air flight tickets going back home came way too often tapi iman di hati masih kuat. Kih kih kih. Even going back twice a year pun dah kena sindir-sindir. Not like my sisters who need to put up a year long rindu then coming back home cuti macam lama gila, tiga bulan compared to mine sebulan je. but still, Alhamdulillah. adaaaa juga cuti.

It is so exciting to think about going home. Not like I already had a plan on what to do soon I arrived there but just the thought of being home, being close to your loved ones is more than enough already. As soon as my house mates went back, I was being alone and being struck by homesickness. Twas sad I tell you and I can't even concentrate on what I was reading. Missing home, thinking of hugging your parents and siblings tightly,you know the usual. I really am missing them now. Six months are my limit of having enough Indian-ness around. Six months and not more. Loathing everything around you is not healthy.

Thanks to those who really concern of me staying alone. I never told Mum I was alone. Haha. I just do not you want to be scared, Mummy. or worrying over things that should not have been worried. I never told anyone back home I was staying alone. I guess I do not want them to fuss over me either. It's OK. I have friends here. I can take care of myself. I have proper trainings before.. of staying alone. Hahaha.

Monday sounds so nice right now. Anyone named Monday must be pretty.Ok I am crapping. What the heck, I am happy anyway. Teeheehee.

Close your book and dream pretty things. =)