Monday, 28 June 2010

Countdown jom!

Salaam Alaik

Out of all of my pet peeves, the one I found annoyingly annoying is to those who cannot stop WrItInG LikE ThiS FoR EvErY siNgLe ThiNg TheY WriTe. bE iT inThEir BloG or UpDaTinG ThEiR FAceBook StAtUs. SomEtIMes I Can ToLerATe it BuT DuuUUUUdE yOu ArE A gUY. SHoULd yOu NoT WrITe A bit MOre MaNLy? I wRitE moRE ManLY tHan You ARe.. And ThiS iS fREakinG TiRinG. How DO yoU mANaGe To PuSh ShiFt BuTton aLtErNatELy? BaaaHHh... It is A sKILl MAnnNNnn... A sKiLL!!

Do not feel offended.


Seriously, if a girl wants to write like that I can accept it for once in a while because you know it looks like something a girl would have done, but a guy? Na-ah. I prefer those who write in full sentences without short forms or any of that sort. It's the internet! You pay per hour or bytes (ke? lol.bimbo alert) not by how many sentences left. 

I don't know, some people memang banyak complain. Like me. Ahaha..

Poor English dudes losing to the Germans and I was listening to the commentators talking about the bad English moves. Streaming was not that bad though.

No I was not born like this. It takes time to acquire the skill. lol.