Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Terasa nak buat tarian kemenangan. =D

Salaam Alaik

My dear dear dear people (while rising my hand with such grace like The White Queen of Wonderland), though the weather is excruciatingly hot and the office made me run here and there today, nothing I am telling you, nothing can ever tamper the feeling I have right now. So it is confirmed, I will be back to Malaysia for more than a month. A month looks short for those who get their full 3 months winter break but what matters most is that I want to go home if possible right now. I miss home terribly.

and the best thing is it is less than 35 days for me to be back in Malaysia. Yeeha!

But then again, I have to get myself in the mood for study. It is not that I didn't study at all because right now I am sitting for the 3rd internals, but you know, there are times when you feel really really lost and starts questioning yourself what am I really doing here? Well, maybe that is just me. The BIG exam is just like another 3 to 4 weeks. It's gonna be tiresome and brain exhausting because 5 theory paper, 100 marks each for 5 days in a row. I can guarantee you some weight loss there. let's just say i have done some experiments on my own. lol

omaigod i really want to go to orlando universal studios. fareed, should we make some plans now? ada pakej murah pulak tu.. i want a wand for myself. i want! i want! i want!

p/s: The Israelis are mad. How can your defend mechanism be heavy military fires against the so called knives and clubs? Kau ingat kitorang bodoh? What the world has come to. *sigh*

p/p/s lagi: uda busuk.angkat le tipon. ni panggilan khusus dari india neh. haih. selamat hari jadi udang. may Allah bless you always.