Saturday, 26 June 2010

Lepas exam patut marathon tido.

Salaam Alaik

It was amazing to think back how the eight of us can survive this. I never thought facing exam will be sooooooo let's just say unexpected. I have never been through the 5 days in a row exam totaling up to 15hours of scribbling down whatever you know or just making it up if you think it made sense. Well I was lucky for the last paper yesterday. We've got to see some drama amidst all the tension of answering the biochemistry paper. A girl collapsed soon after the question paper in her hand. It was most probably due to the lack of sleep and food she has been getting for the last five days and cracked at last.

Seriously, students in Indian Universities are sure tough lots minus those who cheat lah.. It was funny why not one soul ever tell me how the exam system really works because it sucks, I am telling you. At least have some mercy. Give us a day break between the subjects. But hey, those before us can do it why can't we, eh?

There were a few times I thought of giving up but realizing it is a battle I have not yet faced. Why should I?

I made some blunders this exam. But all I and you too can do now is to hope for the best and pray.

p/s: Thanks to those who are willing to lend me their ears and eyes for this girl who just cannot stop whining.

Bidding them farewell was sad. Including those in the car too of course.