Monday, 26 March 2007

hari anugra cemelang

the day before anugerah cemerlang,we went to usj. ayah ade majlis solat hajat and bacaan yasin kat ibu, aziq and me went to mydin.we did some shopping buying groceries as there were none at home. While there ibu bought me a new baju and tudung. And I did some fantabulous stuff to my hand..nice~~~ kan kan...
the next day at 8 am sumting we went for breakfast at mk 830 we arrived at smaplabu.then the vip started to yadda yadda..frankly, i didnt listen to him.we were busy talking..jahat jahat serte tidak menghormati majlis..jgn contohi kami..
pstu amek anugra..they gave us a sijil and a thing like trophy but i think it is called trophy kot..after that we took pictures of of ourselves in front of Dewan Sri Bestari..Our last gathering in school mebbe..and so the nominees were

from left at the back : muin, syafiq, amin, faiz, asyraf, anas
from left dpan : masyitah, ain nabila, me and haziq(bakal kot), huda , ayu, ajwad
missing in action:ika (in PD) and ibrahim ( he got the pelajar terbaik SPM and Kokurikulum 2006 ).

i like this gamba..sgt original..pastu cepat2 we headed to KL as ade kenduri di sana. about 630pm we headed home..pnat pnat..
and tomorrow i'll be at the hospital as i have pendedahan kerjaya seorg doktor..doa2 that my passion to be a doctor will never fade...

Friday, 23 March 2007


owh hi..someone is very eager to see me updating this here i am updating my blog.been promoting this to every friend of mine.i got this japanese scholarship punya borang from a fren..yes yes.tenkiu apdal..but the form is way too weird for me to fill it up.suro isik nombo ikot arab plek..anyway,tomorrow no actually today i have to wake up very klua katenye pai for now..

gamba for today
i watched this a couple of times thanks to the enthusiasm of my little brother..bosan la dik!!

Thursday, 22 March 2007


finally..i changed my template.i asked ayu to check it out..but she seems reluctnt.ala ayu..aku na show off je..keco a ko.waha
pdulik happy today...yayayaya..happy..
so happy like this..happy for no reason

i could almost smile like this except without the braces..

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

cutis cutis Mesia


kami berjalan2 keliling kampong..malaysia is my kampong.

well actually dad suddenly asked me and mom whether we wanted to go anywhere for the weekend..

he intended to bring us to bagan lalang which is a no-no to me.kalo na jalan2 ta bes kat bagan lalang..yg bes adela makan..but since am not vry interested in makan2 thingy witout my sisters[ecewah..baeknye diriku],so i rejected the proposal

then dad wanted to bring us to Cameron Highlands..which is a no-no for me too..cameron ade ape..stroberi je kot..hoho..pastu da la da ta sjuk..bosan bosan..

pagi besok tu, we tot of going to penang..pastu tah camane tah..kitorang ta jadik gi penang but instead we stopped kat ipoh for one night then to gerik then jeli then kota baru then kole tengganu den kuantan..

besh besh

ibu bought kopok2..ikan bilis..and kendi air..waha..bau ikan bilis sgt busuk..satu ruma berbau ikan bilis tesebot..i tot bau kopok leko itu..isk isk

definitely's nice..i took some pics but ayah somehow formatted my SD card..ayah ayah..hisy..

these are the pics i took after ayah mengformatkan SD card tesebot..

my dear aziq yg poyo as if he himself memancing

ni kat kuantan kot..bujet bz mode..dats why i took it

this is the man who is responsible for formatting my SD card..isk isk..tape tape..ayah jnji cuti lg satu cukop la..

ayah and ibu kat tepi sungai mane tah..sungai ke..enta le..

gamba yg pelek..serte senget..

adekah itu cahya keimanan...ngahngah..

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Long Day~

ok today i woke up early wanted me to follow him so that i can change my sijil berenti sekola at the school.they put my name as munawwar..duh~..the computer was on all night long as i was downloading the driver for the printer.i havent finished watching chiaki-kun and nodame-chan yet.tonight i will finish em.

chiaki-kun is sOOoO cute..and so is nodame..but she's a lil bit retard if you asked me..try to watch nodame's me


while on the way to my school, we missed at the end i didnt go to school at all.when we arrived at usj,dad made a call to school and said the problem we had..all done then.
kat opis kne keje kerani sket2 pastu receptionist pon..huha..funny never work like one b4..pastu evrytime ade org dtg or tpon,ayah will always be beside me..not literally...but sriyesly


ayah yg jwb tpon and layan tetamu


pastu ayah suro wat invois ..pnat a tgn tules2 mende same..

we went home at 3sumtin kot..all the way home,i cant helped to fall asleep..ngantok taan mate tman tableyh..pastu we headed to mantin.ayah amek cek from nssdc..hujan lbat sgt2..

we didnt have our lunch so ayah said nak stop by to have a drink..but memandangkan the hujan was very2 lbat ayah benti kat ocean(a mall lah).

las2 mkn kat a&w..


my daddy..ayah yg pose with my air as his da abes..

Monday, 12 March 2007

double joy~

it's a double joy for me today!firstly,malaysia won all england cup for badminton..and this morning i went to school to pick up my SPM tell the truth i was not thrilled at all to see my result.i got 9a1 3a2.i was expecting more than that.i dont know.perhaps that's my rezeki.i got jealous over those who get 11a1 so on.but what the heck.

tp yg bm..i got a2..what la..isk isk isk..need to kawen ngan sasterawan negara to impruf my bm..bwahahaha..

Saturday, 10 March 2007

when your.. ayah and ibu.i have no secrets to hide so bacela..ta kesa ayah..keep on reading my pleasure!


ehem..tomorrow is sunday..uhuk2...monday i'll be picking up my result..mamo mamo...i am dreading that day to come..isk isk..oh ye..mekcita..epi bufde..walopon ko x bace mende ni,but still it came from the bottom of my heart..ecewah~

Friday, 9 March 2007


mornin..never before for the past three months at home i woke up very early..haha..last thursday i went to school as there was silver jubilee fiesta held there.i was actually in the midst of serba sala as i didnt go to shah alam and helped out.i was actually kinda reluctant to go to school.i didnt know why.i just got this feeling of hating to see everyone outside my house.but in the end i thanked god i went to school after all.i met my friends and frankly i enjoyed myself.i regard them as my clesest buddies after all.i missed my friends.the ones that i havent seen for almost a year but still contacted them.i'll meet you guys me!

Thursday, 8 March 2007


ok..i am 17 years-6 days-1 hour-and-24 minutes-old..haha..actually i am really scared right result is this i really really hope i'll pass with flying colors...waaaaaaaaaaaaa..takotnyeh..and just now..i realised i made a stupid silly mistake..i put my email add as my so stupid of me...urghhh...