Monday, 26 March 2007

hari anugra cemelang

the day before anugerah cemerlang,we went to usj. ayah ade majlis solat hajat and bacaan yasin kat ibu, aziq and me went to mydin.we did some shopping buying groceries as there were none at home. While there ibu bought me a new baju and tudung. And I did some fantabulous stuff to my hand..nice~~~ kan kan...
the next day at 8 am sumting we went for breakfast at mk 830 we arrived at smaplabu.then the vip started to yadda yadda..frankly, i didnt listen to him.we were busy talking..jahat jahat serte tidak menghormati majlis..jgn contohi kami..
pstu amek anugra..they gave us a sijil and a thing like trophy but i think it is called trophy kot..after that we took pictures of of ourselves in front of Dewan Sri Bestari..Our last gathering in school mebbe..and so the nominees were

from left at the back : muin, syafiq, amin, faiz, asyraf, anas
from left dpan : masyitah, ain nabila, me and haziq(bakal kot), huda , ayu, ajwad
missing in action:ika (in PD) and ibrahim ( he got the pelajar terbaik SPM and Kokurikulum 2006 ).

i like this gamba..sgt original..pastu cepat2 we headed to KL as ade kenduri di sana. about 630pm we headed home..pnat pnat..
and tomorrow i'll be at the hospital as i have pendedahan kerjaya seorg doktor..doa2 that my passion to be a doctor will never fade...