Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Long Day~

ok today i woke up early wanted me to follow him so that i can change my sijil berenti sekola at the school.they put my name as munawwar..duh~..the computer was on all night long as i was downloading the driver for the printer.i havent finished watching chiaki-kun and nodame-chan yet.tonight i will finish em.

chiaki-kun is sOOoO cute..and so is nodame..but she's a lil bit retard if you asked me..try to watch nodame's me


while on the way to my school, we missed at the end i didnt go to school at all.when we arrived at usj,dad made a call to school and said the problem we had..all done then.
kat opis kne keje kerani sket2 pastu receptionist pon..huha..funny never work like one b4..pastu evrytime ade org dtg or tpon,ayah will always be beside me..not literally...but sriyesly


ayah yg jwb tpon and layan tetamu


pastu ayah suro wat invois ..pnat a tgn tules2 mende same..

we went home at 3sumtin kot..all the way home,i cant helped to fall asleep..ngantok taan mate tman tableyh..pastu we headed to mantin.ayah amek cek from nssdc..hujan lbat sgt2..

we didnt have our lunch so ayah said nak stop by to have a drink..but memandangkan the hujan was very2 lbat ayah benti kat ocean(a mall lah).

las2 mkn kat a&w..


my daddy..ayah yg pose with my air as his da abes..