Thursday, 10 June 2010

Tak elok marah-marah. Nanti muka kedut nampak tua.

Salaam Alaik

It's not funny when I think back if people are holding their grudges against us. Not funny at all. We are not perfect hey, but you are not either. We may think life is long so what is the fun of it if we treat everyone nicely. We ought to have some memories to think back when we are older and say, hey I did that. How cool I was? Have you done it too? You don't? Then your life is boring.

But how can your life be so exciting and wonderful by treating other people badly? People will cherish you by your actions? because you look cool doing those stuff? and you are proud of it?

Human beings are complex.
You be good, not creating any problems = boring
you do bad, not acting like you are supposed to = cool and exciting

Life is not exciting merely by treating people the way you want. Everyone have their right to be treated equally   no matter the race, the class, the face etc. And if you say let bygones be bygones, then let it be. Why must you tell the stories to the world for everyone to know and cursing others if you say you are so over it?

On the other hand, those who were treated unfairly, it was a life experience and you should take it as a lesson.  If you don't like the way people treat you, then you shouldn't do the same. Be positive instead of lashing it horribly. I mean, if it's like 10years already. First few days or weeks I think it is understandable. =D

My only grudge or so I thought or the thing that I remember someone did to me is to:

the bibik who ate the whole six donuts Mum bought for me. like 4-5 years ago.

p/s: I never understand the concept of bullying your juniors because I have never been bullied before. Lol. but  hearing the experiences of my friend, I felt jealous at times. heh.

p/p/s: I am apologizing to all if I ever did anything wrong. Nak pekse haruslah mintak maaf. hohoh..tapi tak tak, memang mintak maaf sungguh-sungguh ni.

p/p/ps: cuki, hepi besday. may we pass our exam and be in the second year!