Saturday, 1 March 2014

Bang Bang


Finally I feel like blogging again. Just because tomorrow is my birthday. My 24th birthday mind you. Getting so old yet I am not feeling like it. Feeling muda-muda giteww. Sebab tulah harus bersyukur dengan ketinggian yg rendang. Boleh masuk Taj Mahal dengan free. HAHAHAHA. I bragged about this a lot. It is like an amazing feat for my years in India. Kahkah.


I will be starting to work with JSS soon. I can't really say that I am eager to work there but I can't really say that I am not looking forward to it either. Half of me is saying bring it on! while the other half is saying Nooooo.. there goes my morning sleep, my sundays, my holidays, my fatty Malaysian food, my cheesecake, my rendang, my nasi lemak, my mee rebus, my yong tau foo, and the list continues. and yeah, my family which actually should be the first in the list. 

Well, here is me hoping that another good year is coming with Allah's blessings. Keep me in your du'a to whoever is reading. 

I think I want to write more this year. Like once you are working mesti banyak cerita kan. since studying is the same routine for everybody but working in India is not. It is a rare chance that not everyone will get. Must treasure it and keep the memories alive. Rhonda Byrne sangat kan. But see lah how.If malas tak jalan la jugak.