Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I mean no disrespect.

Hi I am going to finish Obs & Gynae soon. I am undoubtedly happy about it. Anyway, what I wanted to lament and complain now because that is what I do best is how much people are sometimes over sharing about certain something. For example, breastfeeding. I know you are advocating breastfeeding. Undeniably as a medical student we were stressed about the importance of it. The whole chapter in Paediatrics was about breastfeeeding. In Obs, the first thing we did after delivering is feeding the baby with the mother's own milk and strongly denied the mother to feed the baby other than breast milk for the first 6 months. I really support these mothers who really want the best nutrition for their child but sometimes, dude.. there is a line. I don't need to know how much you have pumped today. I don't need to know how you pumped your milk. I don't need to know how much you have stored in the fridge and how long it will last. I get it you are excited to share the good news. You are happy. You are one of the few lucky enough to be pumping away with a very good outcome. But I guess, it's Facebook. Can't really tell people how to run their lives. Insert one selfie with deep captions about life. So, bye-bye.