Thursday, 15 May 2014

oh "happy" day!

I miss home.
I wanna see my new nephew. since I'll be the distant aunt. who needs to bribe nephews/nieces in the near future. for some love.


Finishing Surgery postings. Cannot wait to get out of this gastrosurg dept especially. What lazy ass and annoying nurses. Could not even bloody prescribe adult diapers to patients. or write an ultrasound form. Still need me to do it and bitching like hell for one form she wrote since I wasn't there as I was busy doing some other stupid work. and the ridiculous "you need to be here and complete ward work by 830" when the rounds will start at 10. Blame on me when biopsy report wasn't ready yet. yeah I am patho dept alright. Stupid stupid. 2 more days.

enough rant.

Bye bye.