Saturday, 9 February 2008

Paint your palette blue and pink...and white too

girls normally will like this.

While many girls are crazy about frilly pink stuff, I am not.Frankly,pink is not my obsession. I am not a huge fan of pink but I can still live with it. The colour white seems to be "boring" for some. Plus with the coffee cup thingy, this blog looks too old in comparison with my "young" age.

clearly, coffee is for the old

I don't have specific likings of any colours, really. If it looks good, then I'll like it. As this looks good on my blog, and also nice for the eyes to see, I used the combination of these 3 colours. White,vibrant pink and baby blue. They look nice together, don't they?

this looks good

White is pure,calm and serene.But white without combining with vibrant colours, for sometime, I find it..well to be honest..a bit boring too. Hence, pink and blue are added. I like the combination of these two colours. Pink, they say, potrays youth, energy and high spirits while blue is the colour of peace, trust and a safe one. Ah well, to me.. they look nice. I don't really care for the meaning of colours really.

The thing is, my father said that this blog looks dry in its calming whitish serenity.Well, Dad?=P

p\s: i like the voodoo doll too.=D