Saturday, 9 January 2010

Khas untuk mereka yang di perantauan.*evil grins*

Salaam Alaik

In 3 hours time, I will be heading to Singapore with the family to finally meet the Big Family again after I don't know how long has it been since the last time we met. I kind of anticipate this thing. Yeah well, since all my cousins had grown up and my makciks and pakciks dah tua already. I had seafood for dinner just now at Bagan Lalang. nice!!! Mysore lacks of seafood. I know I am running out of time before I am back to that place again but I must enjoy my time to the fullest now. Hee. Dad even took 10days leave to spend his time with his sayangness. Nyeh3.

And I want to buy lotsa things! So sad the End-of-Year Sale has ended but like I care, I still wanna buy things.

Ikan Udang Ketam yang gembira menjadi sajian.

Ahli makan yang bahagia menyantap.

Pembaziran tidak berlaku oleh keluarga Pacik Malan.

Toodles all.