Friday, 25 December 2009

Ada Santa India. Tadi baru nampak kat KD Road. Hohohoho.

Salaam Alaik

Should I start the countdown now? Gaaaaah.. It is so stressing to find no one is here. Practically, I am the only girl still stuck in this middle of somewhere waiting for my time to be back in Malaysia. There are actually two other girls also but one is going out somewhere visiting friends in other part of India in which she will be coming back I do not know when and another one is having her boyfriend to spend her time with from what I heard for quite a long time.

But a good thing being alone is you can do whatever you want. No one can tell you what to do. No need to care the other party's feeling. No reason to chicken out of doing a thing you want to do at the first place. Either you do it or you lose it. Having two rooms for yourself is pretty much cool too. Heh. Right now I am a lone ranger. I do stuff on my own. I go to places I want to go on my own but being me, one very lazy minah, I usually tuck myself in home.

But I do not like to be alone. That is so not me. Sometimes. But there are times I love to be left alone too. It depends I think. Entahlah. I am confused myself.

Anyway, the point is,

1) cepatlah 7 Jan.
2) cepatlah 7 Jan
3) cepatlah 7 Jan
4) cepatlah 7 Jan

song cue: Alone by the BeeGees. LOL. I am sad, aren't I?

p/s: Ayuuuuu, jom skype lagi. buat 3 jam la pasni. heheheheh.