Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I will never be..I will never be..tall..NooOOoo...=D

With the power of high heels, yes I can!

Salaam Alaik

I want to read books. Coming here to India has deprived me from reading books. Academic books are not in the list of course. What I meant is story books. Books that make you lost in your own world, happily building up another realm which only you and your characters exist. I miss those moments when you read and no one can bother you. Books in India are way too cheaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!! but I find myself having no time to read them. It is like I am spending my leisure time watching movies, korean dramas and sitcoms rather than reading books. Weird.. because usually books will be my priority.

No, reading books are not nerdy or geeky or whatever. It is cool to read books. I never understand why some people does not like to read book. Come on! Books are fun. Watching movies are fun but hey, not all things described in books can be done on TV. You could use some imagination there. Hence, the level of funness (if there is such a word) is higher by reading books rather than watching. But then Nawa dearie, why are you not spending time reading?

I don't know. Maybe I am too jakun with the downloading spree I am having right now. Nyahaha..

Anyway, here we are again in another December. I have always thought few months ago how will I be doing when December comes. Well, pretty much the same I guess. Maybe I changed while I am not realising it. Who knows? But I know that I am quite a whiner nowadays. I am bored with the smell of Formalin right now. Macam takmo masuk je Dissection Hall tu. I have a problem actually with Formalin. I got teary eyes whenever I have got to be standing in front of the cadaver. It is not like I want the tears to come out but they come out whenever they want. Quite annoying really because you are supposed to stand there, watch and listen to what your teacher have been saying. Not busy wiping up the tears and sniffing. My teacher suggested me to wear a pair of goggle. Seriously, are you kidding me?

I want to put up some pictures of what have been happening to me lately but sadly, I found nothing interesting going on here. The same as always. India is India and Nawa is still the same ol' Nawa. Might be putting up a few kilos but I don't know. Here is em, can I say boring? Because of the same routine everyday.

I wake up
I get ready
I go to school
I go to class
I meet my classmates
I go home
I clean myself
I eat
I read books
I disturb some people on YM
I go to sleep

So it is like boring. No excitement in my everyday life. Gediklah kan nak esaitmen2 plak. Hentak sekali baru tahu.

Actually, I need to read about head and neck. Apa dia merepek entah buku ni. I am trying very hard to understand what the book has been saying. OK back to work but oh? it is my bedtime now.


Tata all