Saturday, 27 March 2010

Dreams can be good.

Salaam Alaik

I am in currently in the mood of house-hunting. It is hard to live in the side of the world where it is almost impossible to trust anyone when it comes to money. And I do not mean in India only. I was you-tubing just now to search some songs. Ye keje takde pekdah den buek ha. Yeah Hanson came to my mind aside from Barbra Streisand's Memories. Bwahahaha.. which reminded me of the musical Cats. My sister was a big fan of Hanson and so I heard Hanson's songs for quite a lot of times. I mean almost all the popular ones. I don't know how old I was back then when their song keep on repeating and then there were also in this karaoke CD Dad bought for us (yeah..yeah.. we did karaoke at home. I guess it is a way of Dad protecting his little girls going out karok-ing outside).

Ok back to the topic of house hunting, urm.. I am thinking of a LOT of things to buy, like, pardon my gedikness but I want a tableware set. Heh. Cheap plastic ones are enough, you know to throw some homely feeling to the house. And a carpet with some motives on it and a big square pillow where you usually put in front of your TV. To hope for a TV in the house is like aiming for the sky with our current state of money and thinking the amount to put up front for the deposit. We'll think about that later, I think. Haha. But anyway, I don't mind of not having one. Even a computer is enough to keep me distracted from my purpose. Like.. right now.

What else, eh?

Rumah pun tak sure lagi nak gedik-gedik berangan. But you know what they say, everything starts as somebody daydreams. So, no harm in dreaming a bit. =p

This is so random but I hope from today onwards, I will try being grateful for every single thing I have in my life. Be it from the moment I wake up in the morning to the minute I fall to sleep. Life may be harsh sometimes but good things might be behind all the troubles. We just need to take our time to lift the curtain and see what has been hiding there. I had some thoughts but my cursing won't do any good. It won't settle my heart. It won't change a thing. But it does made me feel good like .... I do not know. But for sure, I knew all along a part of me told that it was not good. Hence, care for the words I will be using from today onwards too. May all be well. Insya Allah.

Night all.