Saturday, 13 March 2010

The thing I like about India is the cheap books.

Salaam Alaik

Yes. The title never really say what I am about to write. More to what I currently feel.But who cares anyway. I write what I want. Eheh.

Do you get irritated or annoyed or simply could not care less when people randomly invited you to join groups or pages existed over the Facebook? Well I do. I understand if you join groups/pages for the fun of it like Save the trees Stop the exam kinda thing but this group and this group? Seriously, it does not get me at all. And why many people do join these group after all? You joined this group just to prove a point there are many muslims living in this world? Well, if you are not lazy enough do some quick search over the net to look on how many muslims there are rather than joining some random group.After proving a point of getting what, 1mil muslims there are, what change could we, muslims bring if we are not changing ourselves for the better future?

Say to support one thing, does by joining a mere group in your Facebook will amount to anything?

And to hate some people and pouring your hatred for them does not do any good too. What can you achieve? They will get a divorce or break-up just because you are hating them? Logically, there are tonnes of other things you could do if you seriously hate seeing them together. Just use your imagination. And who are you to judge people because you read their story in the tabloid. In the tabloid?? Like, seriously? I am not defending whoever they are of whatever they have been doing.

Human beings are weird. And I am one too.

Even this also got meh.. hemohemohemohemo (i miss hearing dad laughing like this.hihi)