Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Macam rindu rumahlah kan..

Salaam Alaik

Now now the internet is so freaking slow that it annoys me so much. ( I Fareed). -->it was written few days back and I am too nice to let this makcik "enterframe" anyway.


Today was my bad hair day. I mean literally. I am just too tired to think and my lids will be closed at any moment now but I have a record to do. And to tepuk2 following the synchrony also, I am out of it. People are clapping upwards, me doing it the wrong way.People clapped but i didn't. I clapped but they didn't.  I am too messed up now.Poor kid sitting next to me who was apparently trying to follow my steps. HAHA..I am bad at performing anyway.

I had been fighting really hard to keep my eyes open during class since this morning. And whatever drugs we were learning, I think, 0.001% went into my head but I diligently wrote down whatever the teacher was saying.It was Pharmac class by the way.

 And then there was posting. The OBG posting. The posting that I "like" the most. Seriously I do.

I mean, I don't mind people teaching me and all because that is what my purpose of coming here. To learn as much as I can. But as you see, my mind has already wandering to have lunch and paying the least attention to whatever you are saying. It is nice to have someone teaching you, showing you the methods etc but can you do it when early in the morning when my level of enthusiasm is high. Not when it is near the time to go back and feed my stomach? It is a plain torture. And you saw us glancing at the watch every now and then. But hey,you said, you have another bus to catch isn't it? *sigh*. It was hot this afternoon and my head was throbbing like mad. I skipped lunch to get some sleep. Because later I had my Pharmac practicals at which I carelessly spilled the mixture over my friend's book. The teachers asked me question but I didn't know what I was babbling. At least, I tried. For whatever I was saying, I don't think they'd understand because I was a lil bit confused my self at that time. hoho.

Who am I to complain anyway?

And tomorrow, I hope nothing comes my way and now I am just earnestly hoping to have a good night sleep.

Oh haven't I tell you yet? We will be having College Day tomorrow and we Malaysians just knew we had a slot for us to perform. Yeah, thank you very much.