Friday, 22 October 2010

Jumaat is the best day of all days. Period.

Salaam Alaik

To be honest, I never really like people putting up songs on their blog. It almost kill the mood instantly to read their posts. That is why I am not putting any on my blog. It clashes with my principle.*yeah, I sense the poyoness too* But I was once like that because I think I want people to hear what I was listening at that time, in which later I found out, nobody cares. The same with my writings but then who cares right? We can do anything that we are pleased to do which is why I am writing this piece of junk and wondering when will I be able to write seriously for my intellectual satisfaction. Heh. Prolly light years away.

 I like to read when it is all quiet. But when academic comes to mind, I prefer music or anything that sounds good to my ears on the background. Not that loud but you pretty much know what is playing at least. Or I will just let a movie play by itself while I am doing my work. I need companion badly while I am studying. Or I will go mad.


Indians sure party really hard. I don’t know Indians in other places but Indians in Mysore sure do like loud music. It amazes me how they can stand the loudness of their music. I almost went deaf yesterday due to their shrieking,whistling and of course much too loud music. I am the kind of person who almost cannot tolerate loud music.. Almost but seriously it was too much. Even a friend of mine who used to loudness complained about it. So, it wasn't just me.

My head was buzzing last night after the function. Too many people dancing on the stage too and it gets boring when you see the same thing on repetition. You know, menari, menyanyi, menari, menyanyi, pastu menari balik. pastu fashion show. It was a jaw dropping scene to see the PGs and doctors with tight faces all day long suddenly dancing or was it jumping? wildly at the middle of the auditorium. They went banana all right.

I just watched Unthinkable. I think it was a bit dry. Again, a bit about terrorism and Islam. You guys got nothing else but Islam and terrorism? But anyway, the story was basically on how far you’ll go and torture  to get info from a terrorist or so it seems. It was brutish. More like Saw movies, not gory as much but you will cringe few times.

Today is holiday again. I will have a slumber party all day on my bed. Awesomeness.

Till then,


p/s: I am sorry but I have to add this.

Look away I'm hideous
 XD XD XD guling-guling lagi.