Friday, 4 January 2008

Tahun baharu atau tahun baru?

salaam alaik and peace be upon everyone

hi and hello

A year comes and a year goes. Right now, I am writing in the year 2008. Weird..because time flies so fast without us realising it, because I think I am still living in the year 2007, because I am getting a year older, because I will be facing numerous tests and exams..

Heh..Being 18..I think, most people are anticipating to reach this age. BUT I DON'T. I don't want to be 18. I hate thinking of reaching the age 18. I want to stick being 17. I don't even mind being a 6 year old. I want to be a 6 year old again and again. Back to the old days when Ayah can still "dukung" me behind his back, when I can do whatever I want, when people sees me as innocent young little girl[hardly getting this nowadays..] Haih~~

For the year 2007, there were so many memories both sweet and bitter. To list them all, I am not in the super rajin mode I don't think I will list them.Muahaha.

I think of doing some resolutions for this new year. There are lots of them but sadly I currently don't know how to put my resolutions of the year into words. They are indescribable. Haha. But what I know is, I really want to be a better person, a better daughter, a better muslimah for this new chapter of my life. May this year is full with blessings from Him. Ameen.

This year, there are two exams I'll face. I need to score both if not i'll be doomed. Saya mahu terbang menerjah awan yang memutih dengan gembira.Doakan saya berjaya dengan cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang.

p/s: to my dear Muhammad Haziq, though you cried on the second day of school, i am still proud of you, boy! Sarangheayo Adek!!