Thursday, 10 January 2008



Assalamulaikum w.b.t and peace be upon everyone

I think it is not fair to write a post for New Year 2008 but not to write one for our New Year 1429.
And so, here i am trying to express my hopes for this new year 1429. I don't have any ideas really what to write and so on. Ideas are not coming into mind, I think.

I hope this new year both 2008 and 1429 will be a year full of blessings to me and my family.
There are lots of things that I am hoping for. I think I am lacking the ability to express them into words. So, I hope that I can convey what is on my mind into words, be it in writing or speaking.

Things were not very easy for the whole family last year. I hope each one of us will live happier each and every day, also be blessed by Allah. I hope for Haziq especially, to be a very good boy. Ye adek? May school gives you tonnes of happy moments as I am currently missing my school and friends too.

I was extra lazy last year. Hence, I am hoping that I will not be in the slightest lazy mode this year and be extra hardworking ,for this year is very important to me. I hope I can always stay focus in class and never fall asleep or "curi-curi tidur" whenever I am in a class. I hope I achieve 4A's and band 9 for IELTS. Insya Allah.

These are the hopes, my hopes that Insya Allah will be fullfilled this year. Ameen ya rabbal Alameen.

p/s: I changed the skin to mark this new year. =)