Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Today is the birthday of an Indian politician.

and thanks to him we have a day off today.

This is Ambedkar. Which made me wonder why don't Malaysia give us any holiday for Tunku Abdul Rahman's birthday.
Salaam Alaik

The power outages are freaking absurd. We were in the dark for almost 3 hours straight last night and 2 hours or so in the day. It was lucky enough to have rain on our side. If not, we were toasted.

Yesterday was all no good day for me. I was extremely pissed off and I did not know to whom or to what should I channeled it. Weird still, I did not know why I was so angry? No.. no.. not in the mood. Later in the evening, I was angry. Obviously, to rant in my own blog proved to be impossible yesterday. Better it be that way because somehow, when we are not in a clear state of mind, our rambling may tend to be erm.. a bit over the top? Like if we are angry, we tend to curse so much? More or less like that I think. And to talk with my sister even proved harder. I have no credits left on my phone and again, no electric for me to get connected to the internet. I have no sad stories to watch but I have "Whose Line Is It Anyway" and was laughing like mad afterwards. Which is better to laugh than drowning in your own tears..

Even the food I ate was against me. What have I done to you, world??!!

I was looking forward for today and yesterday to end. I went to bed early and finished reading Artemis Fowl second book and starting the third one. Nothing is better than a break from your daily routine.

Is this PMS? No, don't answer that. =D

Tata everyone. May today be good to me and to you too. Ameen.

p/s: I am glad to have friends and thanks for listening me grumbling. I have A LOT to grumble, just so you know.