Sunday, 25 April 2010

Terasa high bila menari tu, macam mana?

Salaam Alaik

I have been ignoring Daddy's questions on HAVE YOU GET YOUR KEYS YET? Sadly Daddy, No I haven't. My other friends already got theirs and what the person in charge said was that our key to our home will be in our hands this Monday. I have not pack a single thing yet. I think tomorrow I will go and search for boxes to keep my things and I have lot of them. Haihh..We have to move out before May comes, you know and this people said that we gonna get our keys on Saturday. So much the talk lah kan? Rasa geram nak hentak-hentak kepala mamat yang cepat saje encash duit tapi lambat buat kerja.

Something is bugging me for quite a while now but I am really not sure whether to write it down or not because I said it before I don't want anybody to get hurt. So I apologize before if this may offend any of you.

Erm, it is just that I wonder that how some people took off their hijabs easily when coming to new places.. No offence intended but I was just wondering. How easy it is for them to take it off when almost all their life they have been wearing the hijabs? Yes, this is strictly to those who have been wearing hijab since small or since puberty but took it off as they come to a new place. Culture shock very much maybe? I don't know. And the problem with society is, I mean the Islamic community, the friends who share the same faith, the same religion, can compliment on how good she looked without one. Isn't that all wrong? Maybe yeah she looked good without hijab but whatever it is, as a Muslim, why do you want to encourage your friend doing something against her religion?our religion? Can't you keep the compliment to yourself only?

And I really am wondering, how does the doer feel after yanking the hijab off from her head? Does it comes easy?

The thought of doing so came across my mind like, a thousand times before but praised be to Allah, I am still keeping my sane for now. We will not know what I'll become in the future but I hope not for the worse but for the better. I am still questioning how strong will I be if I am in her shoes? How my Iman will stand for all the temptations existed around me for I am only a human. Like what people say, if your foundation is strong, you will never be swayed away but if  there is a lack in reminding yourself, it will corrode away and there goes your foundation. Mungkin nilah saatnya kita cakap, Allah dah tarik hidayah dari kita. Nauzubillah.

For now, seeing old ladies' belly button is not enough to make me taking my hijab off.

May Allah protects me from doing any more harm to myself or those around me that I care and love. Ameen.

p/s: Yelah, tajuk pun tak masuk dengan apa yang nak ditulis but the thought came into my mind so suddenly. Forgive me as it is almost 3 in the morning. Anyway, anyone care to enlighten me?