Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Salahke perempuan sebut kentut?

Salaam Alaik

I don't know..I have always say this word erm.. farting, kentut, passing gas, whichever you prefer but does it makes a girl lacks some grace after saying FART? KENTUT?

It is just so funny. Because I tend to say it often with my friends. Even with guy friends. And those who heard me saying it for the first time sounded kinda suprised. Well, at least I am not cursing. What is wrong with society nowadays? Saying a word that happen to be so natural because admit it, you farted and I farted and we have been doing the farting thing since we were born, why make it sound so weird?  But if we heard a girl is cursing her heart out because she is soo angry, shouldn't we react the same too? I don't know. Maybe we should or maybe we shouldn't so as not to offend the other party or avoid being smacked by her but shouldn't we felt offended hearing the curses all the way? We do have a freedom to choose on what to hear anyway, don't we?

Either way, I do not like cursing but once in a while, it slipped off without me realising it so. What to do? I am just a human myself with so many imperfections. May God forgives me. Ameen.

I was just reading some posts regarding life in India and UK posted by someone over the Facebook. By all means and respect, do not even compare our life and your life,over here and there. It is of two different standards, of two different worlds, of two different cultures. The best thing we have and ought to do is be grateful that we were given money to complete our education. Why suddenly comparing our lives together? All the money that we (no, I am not involved. Just watching from the sideways) are bickering on, is not ours to begin with. A friend told me that all places that we were being sent to have their own pros and cons. I thought so too. I have my positive sides of living here (although all I can think of right now are all negatives. XD.) To argue with the point, why did the government send me here is pretty much invalid because ..

why do you choose such a career,honey?  And we asked you already whether you are willing to accept this course regardless of the place, don't we? And sugar, you said yes. So, are we to be blamed for this, pumpkin?

Kalau jawab Tidak dulu? Hish.. tak baik OK bermain sama dengan '"what if". It is part of His planning, I believe. Nak jadi kuat, kenalah berhadapan dengan cabaran dulu, ye tak?

Marilah kita belajar sungguh-sungguh. Nanti satu hari, kami akan pijakkan kaki kami di tempat awak pula. Awak yang rasa hidup di India best pun boleh datang sini. Gobi Manchurian sedap. =P

But as what they say,the grass is always greener on the other side. I see your life as pretty much a good one and you see mine prolly the same too. =)