Thursday, 27 September 2012

Anger is not to be abolished, but channeled.

Whenever we are having difficulties with other people, it is best not to handle it by publishing what we felt for   our friends to read. I know it is some sort of comfort by letting it all out on writings. I have done that many times before. After a while I get very uncomfortable and decided to write my problems for my eyes only. I don't think it is a good idea to let our friends assess the situation by reading vague outline of the story. Our friends, being some very good friends they are, will support us never the less.. but there are times, it is actually doing us much more harm than good.

Take for example when we are actually ready to forgive what others have done to us, but then come this good friend who seems to be having good intentions trying to solve our problem but instead of that, he/she is pouring oil on the fire. Giving more problems than solutions or giving impossible solutions to the situation or worse, letting we feel that we are superior and the other party does not deserve our apology. In simple words, an ego boost. So, there goes the intention to forgive. down the drain, and never to be seen again. for maybe 1-3 days or weeks.or months.or years. take your pick.

Social media is scary nowadays.

What I am saying is sometimes people will cloud our clear judgement. If you really need to tell someone, talk  to someone you can trust or go sit down, open up a new blog, write anything you want. Bitch like you never bitch before. or better yet, make a twitter account with no friends in it just for you to let all the anger out. Importantly, be ANONYMOUS because whether we realize it or not, words cut us deep. What we don't want to feel, don't do it to others. Everybody knows that.

Well anyway, this is my kind of self-therapy and yeah, a reflection too.

I googled anger and islam just now. and I find this is a healthy read.