Wednesday, 11 July 2012


When I hear someone really close to me is getting married, I honestly feel happy for them but at the same time, I feel some kind loss inside. It saddens me as I feel like I am losing someone dear to my heart. I know it is just like an extra addition to the family, to my circle of friends, but somehow I know it will never be the same anymore. Time passed, people grew.

I need to learn and accept the fact that different people comes into my life and .. and be more accepting. I have a lot to learn with acceptance. It is just my nature to build a wall against people I don't know much. I guess most of us are.

Do not get me wrong.

I am happy. Really do. Can't contain the excitement sometimes and I feel like the event is ages from now but I guess it's getting late and hormonal imbalance does something to me for being extra sentimental today.

Oh well.

It seems a bit late to congratulate you since I know for a fact, you are getting married, for quite some time but I hope the marriage lasts forever till Jannah and you be blessed with LOTS of cute, soleh and solehah kids.


happy news need to be shared.