Friday, 6 July 2012

Back here again.

It was load of fun being back but it was not enough. 

Thanks to everyone making my short short short holiday a very good one.

Thanks to Mummy for cooking ossum-possum food, bringing me places to eat. Mummy played a big role for  weight gain every time I am back home.

Thanks to Daddy for bringing me here and there for experience sake, though you fell asleep in the middle of one event but thank you still.

Thanks to my big sister for spending money on me and tolerating my bossy attitude. What to do? I learnt from the best.

Thanks to my second sister for lending me all the things and also for spending money on me. Boy, it is good to have someone older than you just because money rains on you it seems. 

Thanks to my little brother for being my brother. lol. 

Thanks to my good friends for being very helpful during my stay in a place far from home. Hope to see you guys once again. 

Now I am no longer in a 10 feet deep pool. I am merely floating around and still learning to swim to survive. 
and like Dad said, 2 more years.. JUST 2 FREAKING MORE YEARS. ok ok he din say freaking..