Saturday, 9 June 2012

I am in a 10ft deep pool.

The one particular thing about living in India aside from the spicy food in which even after 3 hours, your stomach is still burning and starting to make rumbling noises and you will get that sensation of... ehm..tmi..tmi..sorry.

Okay that one particular thing is the honking. Back in home, when somebody honks you, it is like OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE? but here it is like, meh, honk as you please. this road is mine.

It's not that people really mind the honking. Even a bicycle, if they can honk, they will honk you. And their honks are not the normal within average sounding honks, they are wholly different, out of this world kind of honks. I was wondering before, whether they change their normal pitched honks to a new one and my theory was approved not long after that. The honks are always high pitched as if jabbing your ear drums with a fork or a pin every now and then.

It is annoying especially when you are only a puny human walking beside a road and then suddenly an in coming over decorated huge bus so full of people and you are on its way. The bus looked as if it will run over you however it manages to steer away at the last minute but the bus will honk as it sees you 100m away although it is clear you can see that the bus is coming .Or the driver weirdly decides to honk you, the last possible minute and you will jump, heart racing, covering your ear as well, as you are taken by surprise and wondering what have you done to this mighty thing to deserve this. Of course, cursing has no longer done anything good, for you have been desensitized after 3 years living here. The most you can do is distorting your face showing your disapproval but who cares anyway?

I mean, as a peace loving girl, I yearn for a tranquil, quiet and calm area to relax and contemplate the meaning of life but the chance is rare. You might get it at 3am in the morning but somehow the dogs decided to do a friendly meeting and have a barking orchestra. All the neighborhood dogs seem to enjoy that. It's their happy time I supposed.

But anyway,

I am going back to the place where honking people randomly will get you a middle finger if you do it without any reason. HORAY.