Sunday, 4 March 2012

Older and wiser I hope

I think the phrase life is not a bed of roses needs to be rephrased to sometimes life IS a bed of roses ..It seems happy and pretty on the surface but we never know the thorns behind that bushes of roses. You will never know what kind of hardship a person already endured unless they tell you so but even then, you are not in the position to tell how hard/easy living their lives. So instead of judging other people lives whether they had it easy/hard or it looked easy/hard/boring/awesome/anyotherwordthatwillfitin to our eyes, what we should do is to contemplate on ourselves.

Alhamdulillah..I am glad for my 22 years of life, though may not be as eventful as Kim Kardashian to have it viewed to the entire world, there were moments I cherished, there were moments I wished them to be deleted, there were moments of many "but what if"s... but that was that. I had my time. I had my chance. You only live once. To live a life with so many regrets of the past is not living and I hope I will not be that kind of person as I age.