Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I think giving out reason of  "I was being brought up this way and so I cannot change it" for doing something of one's own liking without consideration of others is .. I don't know how to put it exactly in words but I think it is just not nice and it sure is the laziest excuse one can come out with. I kind of dislike when someone plays the card "I was born this way so you have to accept me the way I am as I can't change it" just because what they did is not tolerable to some people. When someone being mean or say, selfish to achieve their goal, you feel disgusted by their act but when you act that way and people need to accept you just because you were born that way? How selfish is that? Unless you have an untreatable medical condition then the point is valid.

Being flexible does not mean if you are thrown into a jungle, you can survive with all the natural resources available. Being flexible means you know how to assess the situation, process it and manage it in your best possible way that will bring the most minimal damage or the most positive outcome either to yourself and those around you. At least that is how I see it.

People can change. It's funny when they say they can't when actually they won't. Just because you were born naked doesn't mean you need to be naked at all time.

We are changing every second whether we realize it or not. Our body cells are proliferating constantly and the old non functional cells are left to die to make way for the new ones. But keep in mind, our body is not able to tolerate when too much cells replicating at a time and will end up in a cancerous state. Get the analogy?

and mind you, this does not refer to Lady Gaga's "I was born this way" in any kind..


and I hope insya Allah I will practise what I preach.