Thursday, 19 January 2012

From the Middle Earth to Mordor.

Have you ever live with a friend or a sibling and could not help yourself but wonder why are they being so blissfully weird? One huge probability is that he/she might be a middle child. They said that middle children are introverted, quieter and a bit loner but I don't know I knew some of them are having totally the opposite character.

I am not having anything against any middle child. In fact, after Haziq came into this world , I automatically became one of the middle children too but I guess after having 11years of living as the last child in the family, my symptoms are quite mild or I might  just be asymptomatic. But honestly, I did some reading about middle child syndrome and I could not help noticing the comments below. Most of it were rants of all the middle children who seems to think that their parents did not love them enough though their achievements are far more superior than their other siblings. The first child always get praised more and the last will always be the spoiled one or just a brat. And I am not talking about the angsty teenagers' rants but grown up men and women with their own kids. To me that is just like "Woooowww.. I never knew it could be this serious" Should parents give more attention to the middle ones or the middle ones should stop thinking too much of being unloved?

I do have my fair share of experience. Heheh.. I have few of my friends "the middle child"  who also complained about more or less the same things. I couldn't say much since I did not know their family that well to say things that I should or should not say. I talked about this with my sister and we think we found the ultimate solution. Do not have only 3 kids. Since the one in the middle will feel he/she will be left alone since they think that the attention of the parents already diverted to the first and the last child. And to prevent that, have more middle children in the family! They can gang up or team up against their parents and bully the first and the last child. HAHA

Anyway, 12th of August is The Middle Child Day. See middle children, everyone is trying to make you happy. Everybody loves you. You even get your own day! Be proud of that okay.
There are some good traits that are exhibited by middle children. These children grow up to be more independent and are born mediators and negotiators. They also tend to "go their own way" when dealing with established ideas. They are innovators and thinkers. Some famous middle children include J.F.K., Madonna, Donald Trump, Barbara Walters, and Bill Gates. Each of these people is an example of just how successful middle children can become with a little extra encouragement from their parents. 
Joe Jonas is a middle child too. Well that explains a lot..

and to my sister the middle child, I love you! =P

My exam ends on the 25th. May Allah ease us and grant us success! Amin.