Monday, 10 May 2010

This is what we call killing two birds with one stone.

Salaam Alaik

Daddy's birthday will be tomorrow but as I write this, Malaysia was already 11th of May. Happy Birthday Dad. I know you are reading and if you are not, I will just assume you will one day. I miss you terribly, you know. I wish I can go back home and hug you. I miss hugging you. I miss giving you a peck on the cheek. I miss the conversations in the car. I miss you calling me to tell me about your day. I miss listening to your jokes, though it might be lame sometimes but it made me laugh all right. I miss having a discussion with you in which you will eventually win or I will get tired listening you reasoning your points. I miss your cooking. I miss touching your head after shaving your hair off. I miss your smell after you get back from work. ILU Dad.

Ayah kuruskan perut eh? If not tak muatlah baju nak beli. Hihihi. ilu.

Mummy, Happy Mother's Day. I have no cards or roses to give you. You have always been there whenever I need you. You went through a lot of things to raise me. I miss you too. I wish now you are right here for me to hug and kiss. I miss listening to your voice. I hate to see you cry. I wish I never made you cry but I know somehow I had. I am sorry. I never truly say I appreciate all the things you did for me. I have been rebellious most of the time. It has never been my intentions for you to get hurt. If money can buy, I surely will buy the world for you but I know you don't want that. I know you are content enough to see us grew up as you planned. I hope for nothing but only joy be with you. I love you, Mummy.

Hadiah pinggan besi can loh?

Tetiba macam berair-air mata ni. kehkehkehkeh