Thursday, 21 May 2009

Privatekan blog pun takde guna. Haha

OK. Seriously people, please ignore the title.

Salaam Alaik

Have you ever wondering why you put up a blog before? Why do you ever start writing? Do you plan beforehand what do you want to write? What is the purpose of your blog? Whether to educate or to entertain? Have you? Have you?

Well it is obvious, is not it? People are jumping into the bandwagon and each and every day new blogs are sprouting like mushrooms. I think it is much faster than mushrooms do. Perhaps like my own brother's experiment of planting "taugeh" which was extremely fast in growing.

And that is another story.

What I meant is, blogs are the "in" thing right now. Do not get me wrong. I love friends and family who are venturing into the world of blogs cause I just want to know what is happening to them. I tell you, it is more interesting reading about people you knew that people you do not know at all, it applied for me at least. I am almost a newbie myself in this blogging thingy which started out of boredom after finishing SPM. I like writing actually. I am very eager when it is time for writing and the joke of Biawak Komodo never deter my spirit of writing. Eventually, "Nawabaek" has become a part of my life already. My purpose of writing has never been for educational purpose. Heh. I am not good in those kind of things But I think I excel in crapping most of the time. Lol. Whatever.

At first, the thought of trying to educate or preach others in my own blog never came across my mind although, at this time around, sometimes I wish I could. Oh, how I wish I am capable of doing so. When I read other blogs who can fluently write about serious things, say politics or religion or social matters, that can trigger one's mind, I wish I could do so. When I read blogs that can entertain others, I wish I have the talent too. Seriously, I do. I wish for a mind that can do both. I wish for a blog that can give and share.

I am impressed with those around my age, or younger still that can provide serious business in their blogs. You know, the types that make people think.

I am not good in being very "puitis" and flowery in terms of languange. I respect those who can. Be it in any languange. The way how you can write and express yourself beautifully really intrigues me. Tabik spring sama lu orang la senang cakap.

But to share with people, you have to have the skill of attracting people, to get them read whatever it is in your mind. Same as talking I assume. If some "big-big" important person is talking or giving their speech, most of us will turn our deaf ears to them. Some more, if he/she is reading from a text prepared earlier. But if you can make it in a fun way, interesting way, and communicate with the audience * I learnt that eye contact is very important others will surely going to listen to you, no?

But of course, if you write, if you talk, you have to be extra careful. Nowadays, you can run but you cannot hide. The world is getting smaller and people will find you. Heck they will even though you think "Well, I am a nobody. No one is going to read my blog anyway." Nope. Nope. Nope. I, too discover that it is now the world of "THIINK BEFORE YOU WRITE" even if you are merely expressing your thoughts and feelings. Even for students.

Especially for students.

Well everyone,

buat diari yang ada kunci tu lah senang dan sorok bawah bantal.


p/s: I just have the gut to post this. Why eh? Why?