Saturday, 9 May 2009

Never worry. All paid for already. So, put your credit card away. Hey, it rhymes, nay?

Salaam Alaik

Yeah!! I am happy!

All went well for both Mum and Dad. Dad was being super cute when the people were actually singing Happy Birthday for him in the restaurant. So sorry for not being there but then again it was meant to be a romantic dinner for two. Next next year, probably we will go with the rest of the family, OK? Akak and Angah will surely treat us.

And Mum was very happy the other day as we surprised her with a bouquet of red roses. I never expect it to be so big. And darn, why do they typed the very meaningful words wrongly?

All in all, the countless conversations over the YM, calls over the phone (obviously not me calling them), lots of SMSes with my sisters are truly worth it. We love to see their happy faces. We love to see them happy. Most important of all, we love Mum and Dad. Both of you are simply the best!


Happy Mother's Day. This is only a small token of appreciation from us compared to whatever you have done till this day. We love you and no matter how much we say we do and we really do, you love is super than any other. I just want to say how proud I am to be your daughter.


Happy Birthday. I may not be there for next year to snap my finger or anything you used to do but just so you know, I will try to remember each and everything you told me what to do and what nots. You are simply one of a kind and you thought us to say I love you and never be ashamed of it. And here I am proud to say I love you, Daddy.

Ayah yang comel. Ibu yang handsome.

Romantic or not the view?

Ibu makan. Well, membazirlah kalau tak nak makan.

Krok..krok.. perut I dah lapar lah dahling
Sabarlah yang. Kejap lagi kita makan puas-puas.

The super Mum and Dad before leaving the house leaving me and my brother who was very excited for having the last season of Bola Kampung CD.