Sunday, 24 May 2009

In Hindi, small pox is shitela.

Salaam Alaik

You know, I hate Sundays.


1. Tomorrow will be Monday. Monday means I have classes to attend. Classes mean homework or stuffing more knowledge into my head. It is a good thing, Nawa.

2. If I am back at home, I have to get up early in the morning because tomorrow Dad will be driving me back to where I am supposed to be. Terima kasih, bapaku. I love you mucho. Nasib baik tak perlu naik KTM ke hape.

3. I don't want to leave home. I just love my home and those inside it. I love Ayah, Ibu and surprisingly my cheeky-and-cunning-and-full-of-ideas little brother, Haziq. I love my room. I love the kitchen. I love the food rack. I love the fridge. I love everything.

4. Sundays remind me of holidays. I am currently yearning for months long of holiday after realising the fact that the chance of having that kind of holiday is getting thinner day by day.

5. I love Fridays.

p/s: Farah Najwa a.k.a Pa'a, saya terharulaaaah.. dan mungkin berbangga sedikit. =D