Sunday, 8 April 2007

nothing much

i woke up earlier and found out that it was already 1230pm. i get up very late since i finished my spm. mom has been nagging me all the time about my waking up very late till noon..haha..

well, time flies by.. and i am waiting for the JPA result. the interview was last week and as i mentioned earlier it was not bad. if they campak me to india, i will go. if they campak me to indon also , i'll go.what choice do i have at that time? but really, i am hoping i will go somewhere else than india and indonesia.haha

i just finished watching gokusen last was so touching and so on but seriously were there any teacher like yankumi? guess not. i am not saying that my teachers are all bad but Yankumi ..not a very realistic one in the real world i must say.i do learn a few things from gokusen. i like the part when yankumi said something about friends which i cant really remember.

well then, i know that i've been sleeping and waking up really really late lately..but then i think back, nnt da tade mase nak tdo lelambat bangun lelambat dah..heheh..anyhow..


sorry for not helping you much

love you always

and yeah one more thing..i changed my song to classical music.ahaha..bes bes..a must listen for those who always listen to lagu yg mempunyai kate2..ahahaha...