Thursday, 26 April 2007

daulat tuanku

today is the day of pertabalan yang dipertuan agong-the King means cutila!! no schools or work or whatsoever but pity aziq.he had to go to school.he has been chosen to recite the doa.and i've been yapping to him to remember the doa but as usual he shuts himself pretending not to hear anything i said..adek..adek..

i didnt watch the pertabalan. just to wait for the VIPs or VVIPs to arrive took me probably more than an hour in front of the TV

on the way home after doing some shopping at Giant, i was just wondering basically what ADUN is doing.what kind of work she/he is doing.just being the suara rakyat?and how?.i did ask ayah n ibu but as usual they were like attacking the ADUN. tak buat keje so on and on. which is not answering to my question.. haha ..typical mum n dad.

this saturday i plan to go to PWTC with some friends.ade bookfair katenye..and so my sister asked me to buy few lah..nnt awa test carik..kalo x jumpa paipai sikal saje~..

anyhow,my back much...bila mana maw dtg bulan..wohoho...