Saturday, 21 April 2007

going down

finally streamyx went normal.yay.last night i didnt know what to do exactly.i was playing some of the computer games, listening to songs, yadda..yadda.. then this morning pacik telekom dtg and he brought along a new modem for us. but then the network card inside this computer rosak~

it was all because the kilat that day.rumah bergegar..dvd player x leh maen which caused haziq a teribble boredom for one whole day.but yay for mom and me though..fon umah pon kiok skali.

hadeh...ayah went to akhiri to fix it up and finally i managed to log in..atlast~

today's planning is to go to Pilah to visit a friend who just underwent a surgery.but then the friends who supposed to "teman" me wanted to go to Alamanda.IKMAL SMAPL are having some kind of gathering there and i am too lazy to go as usual.muaha..

erm..15more days to jpa result.haiyoh~lap dap smaken laju..hahaha..and i finished my puasa nazar.

toodles for now..