Friday, 13 April 2007

haziq ayah n mantin

today, i slept barely for three hours. i woke up because i heard ibu was scolding haziq and haziq was crying. Haziq terabokan bedak pastu tamo ngaku. gud beri gud..hehehs..
Early in the morning, i went to ayah ibu's room to wake haziq up. Haziq as always pmalas bgn pagi like his sisters do.

Mandi pagi mesti ada air panas. It's a must. Ngade-ngade tol.

Ini adela kesan dia kencing malam..TADA~

pukulan manja ayah~

after pakcik isa or whats-his-name, we said goodbye to aziq and we went for jogging

ayah= jogging(3round)
ibu= strolling(1round)
me= cycling[basikal itu mmg da x stabil](2round)

we headed to Selera Pinggiran or better known as SP to have our breakfast.
PTGnye, we went to Mantin.

Things to munch during our stay. cost: RM15.90

This is Mantin. Bawah tu, there is a swimming pool where ayah and aziq pergi memuaskan hati mereka utk berendam. While taking this pic, actually there were some neighbours karaoke-ing at their home. It was loud and noisy. These ppl dont have thier common sense.

Muka sedey ayah as directed by me.