Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Salagadoola menchicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo

Do not ask me what it means. Go ask Cinderella's fairy godmother.

Salaam Alaik

Well, people of my age, of the same course, of the same college, of having the same Indian lecturers originated from India, are currently busy jumping hopping or laughing their head off .. but me, I am now being a good, naive , handsome, obedient little housewife. Those who want to barf, please do so. Ceh. Macam I kisah. Maybe a bit but I love to be home nevertheless. You have to understand, I am being lonely now. My brother went to school and will come back at only 5pm and shoot to play football or something leaving me and my friend, the computer alone. He will only be back at 7 or so, have his bath, eat, pray, do howework *that is when being told to* and sleep. Senang hidup jadi budak. The TV is pretty much being left alone too because what is it to watch? Sad sometimes happy cheesy romantic drama with the tak menahan scripts? or Wanita Hari Ini? or Mentor? or Bintang RTM? or _______? you fill in the blank. Oh yeah, like you guys watch them. I told you my parents are against the idea of having ASTRO.*sigh*

Eh wait, I watch TV but only during news time. Hoho. Bajet intelektual.

Yesterday, I spent my morning and afternoon watching Cinderella and Thumbelina on Youtube. How sad, isn't it? I am quite sure my sister will tell me to go and watch Japanese Drama on mysoju. Ok but I have not finish Brown Sugar Macchiato, Maou, Zettai Kareshi, what more eh..? yet. I am such a lazy bump that even to watch these drama I tend to skip certain part or better still, I watch them but in a fast-forward motion. I even fast fowarded Thumbelina. I liked the Mother Frog though and did not skipped that part.

I skipped these. I googled for Mother Frog. Sadly, I found none. Such a pity for I wish to honour her in my blog. lol.

Tomorrow there will be this pre-departure briefing with the Skolesip People. Malasnya!!