Friday, 3 August 2007

money money money!

hep hep

back home again

alamak lupa basuh beg..takpe-takpe..biarkan dia berendam dahulu..

oh yes..i am an orang kaya sementara duit JPA was IN!!!

hooray hooray...

but i forgot to bring back my purse..jadi tak dapek la den nak kuakan duet...


life is different now compared to school's life

back then, i was constantly being reminded by friends

back then, i read quran almost 1 juz perday

back then,i did solat jemaah almost every waqt


i was in agama school and had been always reminded by dear friends and teachers


it is different now

sometimes i feel very far from reading Quran

I feel very lazy to perform solat jemaah..

but thanks to Allah

He still loves me

My housemates are all nice people

They were not from religious school like me

but they are the one who actually asked me to join them solat jamaah..

and i felt very "tertampa" at that time


and alhamdulillah also

there are USRAHs there..