Saturday, 28 July 2007

the airpot city with a pasar malam?

salaam alaik and peace be upon everyone..

suddenly i have this sudden urge to pour my feelings after one month (not exactly one month but almost one month as my weekends i spent them at home) in the college.

i went to the so-called airport city where my college is situated one month ago with mixtures of feelings..scared,excited,happy be honest, i was not all that happy when i saw the buildings.and those who already seen them will know why.There were ONLY two buildings where most of the students live and study.

I don't live inside the college area because i came late to register on the first day but instead i was given a place at a house near the college.Inside the house, again my expectations shattered to pieces when i saw the bed and closet.i tried to climb the bed as it was a double decker one..but sadly probably because all the fats inside me ,the bed broke into two..

That was all one month ago..

haha..actually,there were lot of things to say..

but i need to do a few things..


oh yeah..i love the ending of HP7..HP rocks!!but i was amazed because none of my friends in college talk about was just plain weird.