Friday, 9 November 2007

i'm tired of thinking

i read this somewhere on the net..and it really gets me into deep thinking..
your last mortal thought will be, "why did i take so many days - just like today, for granted?"

not that i'm a bit dizzy and i'm heading to my bed soon..very soon..i must really study hard tomorrow and the following days.and i'll write more and more when i'm in the mood and when the pc is with me.not having a computer with you sometimes is a bless but usually it's a torture.just wait for another year.but now i really need to focus on this one thing.

i can do it..ganbatte nawa!!aja-aja hwaiting!*semangat membara mode*

p/s: i am missing my sisters [if they knew,maka akan kembang semangkuklah mereka] sangat jauh friends.where are you guys??bz bz bz bz with exams i know..angah cepat balik..i want you and my bag..