Thursday, 12 November 2009

Tak sangka lagu Alexander Rybak sedap

Salaam Alaik

The meeting with that pacik was proven to be unsuccessful. I can say, dah agak daaaaah. I did not even start on the purpose of meeting him that evening and he babbled all the way already. Dahlah mendapat bantuan dari sahabat terbaik pulak tuh. Haish.Ingat senang-senang ke I maw berjumpa dengan u hah? Again, all of us have to put up a pretentious front.Y'know the innocent looks that were pasted on each one of us. Haha. I wish I could put it up over here. Mesti semua akan angguk-angguk tanda setuju. I think we were all darn good in acting. Bravo all! And so, here am I willing to accept the fate of having to stay for another year here. I don't want to complain but I have my own reasons on why I did so, mister. Takpelah.. maybe there is a better one for us.

Next week I will be having exam. Like always, when people are messing up their head, they tend to do unnecessary things. That is what I am currently doing. Ada kerja yang patut dibuat tapi tengok, sibuk menaip kat sini. Yeah well, it is a part of easing myself after hours of burying my face under the books. Heh.

And so, when can I book the tickets eh? Really looking forward to go back. tapi pacik pembantu gubesar dengan angkuhnya berkata takde cuti. Tipu punya pacik. Orang lain kata ada. Kau kata takde. Cis.. cis.. cis..

Oklah all. Gudbai. I need to study macam budak baik.

p/s: Try to search Alexander Rybak. Abaikan ekspresi muka beliau ketika menyanyi but I think his songs are alright though the lyrics for Fairytale are a bit weird and funny. Fareed and I heart Rybak (letak la gamba love2 kat sini.ahahahahah)