Sunday, 8 November 2009

Pacik2 ngan Macik2 kat belakang ni dah bunyi dah...

Salaam Alaik

Mummy told me last night not to keep too much of a high hope regarding something I talked about with her over the YM. I guess Mummy is right. I was so excited about something and in split seconds all hopes shattered,all right. Maybe that thing is destined not to be ours. Maybe there is another one, a better one for us. Maybe.. Maybe (menung jejauh duduk tupang dagu sambil nyanyi lagu Annie - Maybe) I should just wait for the best to come. Harap-harap begitulah.

Anyhow, good news! Negri Sembilan won Piala Malaysia!!!!!!!!!! Good for them. I have been praying hard for you guys to win. Menipu gila. I did not even know that there was football last night. But if I am at home, it must be nice. Since I will be watching the game with Dad and Mum and Haziq. And we will all be together shrieking and jumping whenever someone managed to score a goal. Seronoknyaa...

Now, I am missing home. Eee...ngengadalah.

But it was kinda nice really to see the opposing time with a HUUUUGE number of fans cheering them and the team lost eventually. Haha. Gila jahat. Especially if the fans made a riot or something that was no where nice to hear or see. It is like, Weh Malu Weh. Dah la aku membising. Pastu aku jatuh kerusi.. kinda situation. Anyhow, let just leave it to that. I don't wanna have anyone with semangat kenegerian bashing me up later. Ambil yang silap. Buang yang keruh ambil yang jernih. Yang sudah tu sudah le.. ecececeh..

Tomorrow I will be having classes, as usual. And on the evening I want to meet this one pakcik. Okeh all, pray hard this pakcik will have a soft spot for us though it is very very very unlikely he will. But anyway, let us pray hard.

Maghrib sudeyh. Kita pergi solat, jom!