Saturday, 21 November 2009

I got a feeling..

Memang tonight gonna be a good night!

Salaam Alaik

Gembira rasanya hati
Coklat cair dinikmati
Dah lepas pun exam teori
Boleh bersuka-suki untuk dua hari.

Kalau korang tak reti nyanyi, bukan kanak-kanak zaman 90-an lah korang. I mean, the first two verse only lah opkos. My goodness, eh ada dulu orang tegor, my goodness my goodness Ya Allah lah. Okeh, Ya Allah, it was a relief. A huge relief to me, to finish up my first three theory papers. Yeah, I know.. I know.. Baru exam sekali macam gila dah minah ni. Well, see if you got to rest for eight months practically doing nothing other than expanding your bump,then suddenly, BAM WAM BAM* bunyi apekah tataw..* you need to learn all those stuff. I mean if I can just read it through and do " this? Uuuuu.. I see. I never knew that before..Uwah..very menarik. " then it's OK. BUT you need to understand and MEMORIZE like what? the entire book for each subject? And remind me again, how long I have been here exactly? So you see, how can expect me to be as sane as eight months ago?

Tiga subjek je pon.. Keyyyyyyyyycoh~

Senyap ah..

So today all my lovely people, I need some rest. A good rest. A good old movie *yep, old as in Sound Of Music kinda old* will do me some good. Then some sleep. Some good long uninterrupted sleep.Y'know the one that when you wake up without being shaken up by your alarm or anything. Huwaaah.. siiiiiiokknyaaaa!!!!!

After that, I need to get into the mood again and grab some books to start studying again. Berlagak macam orang dah habis exam kan? How I wish I have but I have like, 3 practicals and 3 viva-s to go. And all of them need the power of memory. Whispering and repeating the same words adalah skill terbaik setakat ini. Sila tepuk.

Oleh itu, izinkan saya bersuka-ria terlebih dahulu.

Bahbai all..