Sunday, 22 November 2009

Lepas tengok cerita sisterhood of traveling pants, tetiba emosi. Haha

Salaam Alaik

I miss my sisters. My blood sisters. One is busy working her butt off and I heard that she lost some weight due to the hectic of being a doctor without any help from Herbalife or whatsover and the other one is probably finishing up her exam? or busy studying? I called her the other day but she could not hear me. Never mind. I will try again next time. She is currently off the net now. I did not know why. Maybe because of the exams.. I don't know.

I miss the two of them
I miss the night YM-ing with them
I miss the webcams
I miss the silly things that we talked
I miss gossiping with them
I miss having them around
I miss them

Some people who never had any sisters, specifically older sisters think that having one will be a burdensome, a nuisance because you know, sisters tend to bully those below them and make fun of the little ones. Well, I cannot deny that but there are like tonnes of other reasons that will make you love them never the less. You might not realize it at first but as time goes by, as you are not little kids anymore, you'll know. My sisters are good sisters. They are the best. Yeah, we quarreled here and there. Merajuk ngada-ngada sikit here and there but we are good. The carut-carut phase has long gone. Kami dah matang. Ececececeh..

It is just that I want to be back at the time where all of us, the whole family is out on the lawn, sitting on the buaian after dinner talking about stars. Yeah, we talked about stars. Like very ilmiah and intellectual right? Naah.. we talk about so many things. Our goals. Our achievements. Our pride. Our weight. Our height. Anything! I miss those moments. I wish I could turn back time and really hold on to that piece of memory. Remembering how the weather at that time, what clothes we were wearing, what dinner we had just now. I want to remember them and hold on to it. Because who knows when will it happen again..

It is just that I hope both of you are doing OK. Just so you know. I miss you both baaaaadly!

Sangat suwit kan I? Ohohohohohoho

p/s: Ahmad kena air hari tu. Terus Ahmad mati dan terus cuak dan terus sms Ayah. Ayah terus call bagi menenangkan hati. Hahaha.. Tapi Alhamdulillah ajal Ahmad tak panjang. Ahmad pergi tetapi kembali. Terus lagu Rabbani tak valid untuk Ahmad buat masa ni.

Pengajaran 1: Jangan letak cawan penuh dengan air tepi Ahmad.
Pengajaran 2: Reaction time harus cepat. Jangan melopong ternganga-nganga sambil menyebut Aaaa.. when something happens.