Sunday, 1 November 2009

On a supposedly lazy Sunday afternoon, I am being rajin.Ohoho

Salaam Alaik

I hate when laziness come and attack but when I am having a slight rajin and awesome feeling to study, lights will go off. Not literally speaking but it is true. Bila dah ada semangat nak belajar kan, tetiba je, waktu tu lah dia nak ketiadaan eletrik. This past two weeks, the condition were very bad. Power outages are like so often, two to three hours in a day. Gilalah. Dahlah panas sekarang ni. Waktu malam je pulak selalu tu. Usually there will be urm.. cursing right after the light went off but lately, I am used to it. Maybe. It will be just like.. "Aaaaaaargh... kenapaaaaa??!!" kinda sort of thing.

Exams will be in two weeks. Cuak..cuak.. There are so many things to read and informations need to be chucked in inside my brain. Kena buat brain exercise lah begini.

And the leaves on the tree outside my windows are starting to turn brown already. Three months here and still counting on the days I am surviving. Blergh.. want to go home.

p/s: dearest Apdal and Cuki (agaga..dearest..garu-garu tekak), well, I had fun talking to you guys by the way. Dah lama tak konperens cakap benda-benda ngarut though for only a short period of time. May Allah bless the two of you.